We have always enjoyed Minifigures and Lego. Making these frames is very rewarding and we get a lot of satisfaction knowing you that you want one.

My name is David and I am in my 30s And have an obsession for Lego !!

Everyday we are coming up with new designs and if they make us say "Wow" we will post them on Facebook, Etsy, Twitter and Instagram. If they don't make us say "wow" then it's back to the drawing board until we say that magic word.

The process to make one of these frames can take upto a day to make. This is from designing the frame, to printing the background, then laminating the print (if this is needed) then unpacking the frame, cleaning the inside of the glass, inside the frame, arranging the spaces between each Minifigure (if this is needed), then gluing each individual piece in place then leaving to dry over night.

On Facebook we have over 5,900 followers with over 120 reviews all 5 stars.

We have just started to use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Hopefully we can aim for the same number of people like we have done on Facebook.

Our sales so far have been rather healthy, we have sold over 60 frames on etsy (2015 figure) so far,
And on Facebook we have sold over 500.

I really hope that what we have achieved here will be even better this year.

Thanks for reading.


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